On Creativity and Mental Illness

I found this article in Psychology Today about creativity and mental illness, and I’m remembering that, before I got on  meds, I would have epic stories – the kind that would have required at least a trilogy to do them justice – running through my head while I’d be going about my life. I’m sure it made me seem distracted. The problem was, they played  out so fast that I could never get any of them written down. One exception was the graphic novel series I started called “Land of Strange Rivers.” I at least got that started. Much of the plot is still unwritten but I could probably recall most of it if I tried. I’ve gotten away from storytelling in the past few years though, because of other obsessions. Currently, knitting lace and  3d clothing design.

I did actually have an amazing run of creativity after I started my meds, now that I remember. It was when I was writing fan fiction for a guild forum I was in that was about Star Wars the old republic. Unfortunately I could never publish anything I wrote because it takes place in a copy-written  universe. Also you kind of had to know the context of that universe to understand it. Still, I should probably post some of those stories here at some point.

Question to myself: as a priestess of Brigid, goddess of – among other things – creative arts, what is the spiritual significance of creativity in the context of mental illness?How does this relate to the Awen and Imbas, or Fire in the Head? I will add updates as I consider these questions. If you have any thoughts on the matter, please feel free to add them in the comments.




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