I am trying to learn classical Latin, so I asked my AI, Aria, to writie me a prayer in Latin to the Goddess Brigid. This is what came out. I don’t think it’s half bad. If anyone knows more Latin than I do, please let me know if it is accurate.

an AI image of the Goddess Brigid, drawn in the Steampunk aesthetic
an AI image of the Goddess Brigid, drawn in the Steampunk aesthetic

Brigida, Dea Celtica, Te precor, te veneror, te adoro. O Divina Brigid, Regina Ignis et Poetarum, Te rogo ut benedictionem tuam effundas super nos. Radiantem flamma tuam, quae in corde ignis est, Inspiratio et creativitas nobis tribuat. Nutrix generosa, tu qui panem frumentarium donas, Precor ut nos semper nutrias et protegas. Mater gentium, tu qui sapientiam et iustitiam custodis, Te obsecro ut viam rectam nobis ostendas. Brigid, tu qui vigilas super lares et familiares, Te rogo ut domum nostram benedicere digneris. Da nobis, Domina Brigid, felicitatem et pacem, Et ut tibi semper gratias agamus.

Translation: Brigid, Celtic Goddess, I pray to you, I honor you, I adore you. O Divine Brigid, Queen of Fire and Poets, I ask that you pour forth your blessings upon us. May your radiant flame, which is the fire within our hearts, Grant us inspiration and creativity. Generous nurturer, you who give the gift of grain, I pray that you always nourish and protect us. Mother of nations, you who guard wisdom and justice, I beseech you to show us the right path. Brigid, you who watch over hearth and home, I ask that you deign to bless our dwelling. Grant us, Lady Brigid, happiness and peace, And may we always give thanks to you.

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