Morgaine, looking thoughtful

Greetings. My name is Morgaine (MOR-gən) and I am the founder and owner of Brigid’s Hearth, an umbrella non-profit organization that I am in the process of filing for.

I have operated a variety of enterprises starting in the 90s. These include Brigid’s Hearth Craftworks, Brigid’s Hearth Press, and  Brigid’s Hearth Studio. The first (…Craftworks) was about recycling paper into functional objects, like planters and wall clocks. “…Press” started when I decided to self-publish the Manga series I was writing. Today “…Craftworks” is the  name of my brick-and-mortar workshop,  “…Studio” is this website, and “…Press” is what I will call the classic books that I intend to publish online in Tiddlywiki format.

This site is dedicated to Brigid, who is both a goddess and a  saint. You can read more about Brigid here. I honor other deities in the Celtic Pantheon as well, such as Myrrdyn, Lugh, The Morrigan, and Manannan Mac Lir.

Over the years I have come to consider myself a Priestess of Brigid, although I have not undergone any formal training or initiation. It is for others and the goddess herself to decide if it is so.  In lieu of formal training I study subjects like transcendental psychology,  folk religion, and archaeology so that I may better understand human nature and the many layers of the world we live in. I also sometimes call myself a Shrinekeeper, because it seems less presumptuous.


Peer Support

I have 3 years of experience as a Certified Peer Support Provider in Idaho.  I have lived experience dealing with un-diagnosed Autism, ADHD, anxiety, and depression.  As a child, I endured my parents’ alcoholism, co-dependency, and spousal abuse.  If any of this describes you and you want to talk with someone who “gets it,” I am available for online or in-person sessions.


I use the 78 Tarot Mythical – a limited-Edition deck  from Global Art Collaboration, which features phenomenal artwork by 81 different artists. I really love working with it. I read under the guidance of Myrrdin, the original Welsh inspiration for Merlin in the tales of King Arthur. Since I started inviting him to my sessions, my readings have been much more coherent and revealing.

Peer Support and Tarot can be combined.


I am ordained through the Universal Life Church, and am available to perform weddings in the State of Idaho. Same-sex couples are welcome.

Other Ceremonies and Celebrations

I can lead and/or design ceremonies for seasonal holidays, funerals, rites of passage, and more.

For more information or to schedule a session or service, please contact me.

How You Can Help

If you would like to help support my work, please consider the following options: are three names I have given various enterprises of mine starting in the ’90s

  •  Shop at my store, where you can find hand-washed and dyed wool for spinning, handspun wool yarn, and hand-knitted items.
  • Visit my Patreon  and donate to a tier of your choice. This will give you store discounts and access to future training videos for knitting and spinning.
  • Buy me a cup of coffee; send  a one-time donation of your choice via PayPal.